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Hi folks! My name is Oliver, and welcome to my website. I’m a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, if you’re curious, and though I don’t really like to admit it, like many dog breeds I tend to shed.

When my parents brought me into the family they did a good bit of research, and one of the first things they purchased were grooming supplies. While I’m not a show dog, the dog brushes, dog combs and dematting tools my parents bought for me are an excellent blend of show dog quality and average dog price.

For example, the Mars Coat King Stripping dog combs are fantastic for removing dead hair from the undercoat, detangling, and otherwise making my coat look fantastic. For general coat detangling and grooming the JW Pet GripSoft Pin dog brushes are excellent.

From coarse combs to fine, rake brushes to flea combs, we carry some of the highest quality brushes, combs and dematting tools on the market, at prices the average dog owner can actually afford. And best of all, my parents have one key rule: if it isn’t good enough for me, they won’t sell it to you.