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Hi Folks, my name is Oliver (yup, the website is named after me), and I'm a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Though I have a good amount of hair, I'm a fairly small dog, and I tend to get cold from time to time. To protect me from the chill my parents have invested in a variety of accessories, from dog sweaters to dog coats.

For rainy days (which are most days in Washington) I have a nice dog rain coat, which keeps me dry when I'm out for walks or potty trips. It's adjustable, has a nice reflective stripe, and it even has a leash opening!

For cold, dry days I have a nice knit dog sweater. Mine is a caramel color, but it also comes in olive, and it also has a leash opening just like my coat. It helps me stay nice and warm, and it looks quite attractive if I do say so myself!

Whatever your furry friend needs, be it coat or sweater, we've got you covered (we call that a puppy pun, Woof!) What you might ask sets us apart from other pet supply companies? I do. My parents won't carry a product that they wouldn't give to me, and their standards are pretty high. If it isn't good enough for me, we won't sell it to you.