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Hi Folks, my name is Oliver, and welcome to my website! At Oliver's Pet Care we believe strongly that your furry friend deserves the latest and greatest pet supplies, and that includes great dog food.

My parents often choose to buy organic foods when they are at the grocery, only eating animals raised in free-grazing and stress-free environments. They also promote me eating organic as well, which is why they choose Newman’s Own Organics dog food. Newman’s Own recipes include natural meats and organic grains and vegetables. They don’t include any poultry by-products, fertilizers, steroids, or chemicals. This helps to ensure that I am eating only the healthiest and most natural foods.

I love the Chicken & Brown Rice Formula as well as the Turkey & Chicken Formula. All of their recipes are healthy, all natural, and delicious!

When eating organic is important to you as a dog owner, Newman’s Own Organics is a great choice for your dog. My parents have one rule for everything they sell on this website: if they wouldn't give it to me, they won't sell it to you. I'm grateful for the efforts my parents made to find the right food for me, and I absolutely love what I eat! Woof!!

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